Bringing a wealth of expertise to the nexus of digital transformation and IT project management, Marcel Rapold, Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer at, and a seasoned IT project manager at Zürcher Verkehrsverbund, has been at the forefront of navigating ventures through the digital age. With a robust educational and professional trajectory in IT, blockchain technology, and digital innovation, Marcel synchronizes strategic IT planning with hands-on project management, ensuring not just compliance with the present but a proactive forecast into the future.

Driving Force

Marcel envisions a technologically synergized business world, where digital platforms, driven by blockchain and disruptive technologies, form the backbone of organizational success. His mission is to facilitate a seamless and innovative transition into the digital realm for businesses, ensuring optimized operational processes, enhanced customer engagement, and maximized business efficiency.

Professional Journey

  • As Co-Founder and CIO, Marcel pivots the venture on strategic IT project development and innovation management, directing a focused trajectory toward product refinement and business efficiency.
  • Zürcher Verkehrsverbund: With distinct roles as IT Project Manager and Application Manager, Marcel embeds strategic tech solutions, from leading the AEM CMS cloud shift project to ensuring the smooth operation and iterative development of applications, thereby elevating customer and operational experiences.
  • TeleLocher AG: Navigating the path as a Digital Innovation Consultant, he has orchestrated a comprehensive digital multi-channel strategy, driving the integration of complex Smart Home solutions and implementing ICT multimedia solutions.
  • Web Development and Digital Solutions: Marcel’s previous stints as the Head of Web Development at WebComTV AG and Web-Developer at signorell GmbH saw him amalgamating IT project management with hands-on development, steering projects from conceptualization through to implementation, and ensuring the delivery of efficient and user-centric digital solutions.

Educational Accolades

Marcel has a rich academic background, comprising of a Master of Advanced Studies in Digital Business and Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS) in realms like Digital Finance, Digital Leadership, and Disruptive Technologies, providing him with a solid foundation to decode the complexities of digital business landscapes.

Skill Tapestry

  • Strategic IT Planning & Implementation: Weaving IT strategy with practical solutions for optimal business functioning.
  • Blockchain Technology: Harnessing the potential of blockchain for secure and transparent digital solutions.
  • Project Management: Balancing costs, time, and quality to successfully realize IT projects from conception through to execution.
  • Digital Transformation: Directing organizations through the digital transition, ensuring adaptability, and sustained growth in the digital realm.