With a discerning eye for the financial pulse of both traditional and innovative technological landscapes, Marcel Brändle stands as a co-founder and the driving force behind the legal and financial steerage at ALPA.one. His journey intertwines with multiple facets of the financial sector, tracing back through a storied career that has gracefully danced between the well-established corridors of corporate finance and the buzzing, ever-evolving world of startups.

Professional Pathway

Marcel’s career has woven a rich tapestry of roles within the international corporate finance arena. His tenure at UBS, spanning nearly a decade, has witnessed him spearheading the Corporate Finance division for International Corporate Clients and leading the Corporate Clients Desk in New York. His insights and leadership not only sculpted financial pathways for corporate clients but also etched his expertise onto the global stage.

Meanwhile, his role as Leiter Segmentsmanagement Firmenkunden at Raiffeisen Switzerland showcased his ability to infuse traditional banking systems with innovative strategies and customer-centric approaches, navigating through the demands and intricacies of the sector.

Ventures and Vision

As a Board Member of Ginto Guide, Marcel steered towards addressing pressing social challenges by leveraging new technologies. His prowess is not just embedded in financial advisory but also in moulding strategies that spell social impact, aligning fiscal proficiency with ethical and societal considerations.

In founding ALPA.one, Marcel, along with his team, has embarked on a journey to sculpt a digital realm where financial and technological boundaries are redefined, and where opportunities are not just identified but also masterfully crafted. His belief in a seamless coexistence between the structured world of finance and the boundless potentials of blockchain and cryptocurrency delineates the ethos at ALPA.one.

Connective Threads

Marcel doesn’t just stand as an expert; he is a connoisseur of financial arcs and technological surges, finding symphonies within them that not many can perceive. His vision with ALPA.one is not just to traverse the existing but to pioneer into realms where digital financial solutions become the norm, not the exception, sculpting a future where financial avenues are limitless, secure, and seamlessly intertwined with technological advancements.

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